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Petting cats to fast music


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I'll have a track on when my cat will comes around next thing I know I'm tapping a beat out on his head while he sits there in bliss. Does anyone else find themselves doing this with their animals?


I don't think it works well with fish unfortunately.

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The event that sparked the idea to even start this thread involved the song Luke VIbert - Remember This. Its got some wacky chops you can use to mash the cats face around, rub up and down his back at high speeds, pull at his ears, and pound his skull. This may sound cruel but I assure you no harm comes to the cat and he quite loves it.


I've been thinking I'd like to make a music video of just that. My cat being pet but at absurdly fast and slow speeds. Have to learn some video editing perhaps.


Also "Petting cats to fast music" should be a Venetian Snares album.

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