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Forma - Off / On


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I did a search and didn't already see a thread for this.


Has anyone else checked this out? I downloaded a copy with some leftover iTunes giftcard money simply because everything I've gotten from Editions Mego lately has rocked (not counting my misguided purchase of Hecker's "Speculative Solution"; as a real student of academic philosophy, I was kinda annoyed--I appreciated the concept, but the execution was annoying). Anyway, "Off / On" is great. It's very much in the vein of '80s PBS documentaries, which was just before Brian Greene got involved and documentaries started to suck.


In some ways, it strikes me as belonging on a playlist between some Advisory Circle, Emeralds, and Oneohtrix.

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    • By Key
      Very sad news
    • By kieselguhr kid
      really looking forward to this one, that preview track is utterly brilliant
      from eMego:
      Oren Ambarchi - guitars & whatnot
      Cyro Baptista - percussion & voice
      Recorded by Randall Dunn, Joerg Hiller, Iuri Oriente and Oren Ambarchi.
      Edited by Joerg Hiller and Oren Ambarchi at Choose Studios, Berlin.
      Mixed by Joe Talia and Oren Ambarchi at Good Mixture, Tokyo.
      Cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin.
      Executive Producers: Konrad Sprenger & Dick Wolf.
      Photography by Traianos Pakioufakis.
      Design by Lasse Marhaug.
      After a trilogy of spectacular explorations of relentlessly driving rhythms – Sagittarian Domain (2012), Quixotism (2014) and Hubris (2016) – Simian Angel finds Oren Ambarchi renewing his focus on his singular approach to the electric guitar, returning in part to the spacious canvases of classic releases like Grapes from the Estate while also following his muse down previously unexplored byways.
      Reflecting Ambarchi’s profound love of Brazilian music – an aspect of his omnivorous musical appetite not immediately apparent in his own work until now – Simian Angel features the remarkable percussive talents of the legendary Cyro Baptista, a key part of the Downtown scene who has collaborated with everyone from John Zorn and Derek Bailey to Robert Palmer and Herbie Hancock. Like the music of Nana Vasconcelos and Airto Moreira, Simian Angel places Baptista’s dexterous and rhythmically nuanced handling of traditional Brazilian percussion instruments into an unexpected musical context. On the first side, ‘Palm Sugar Candy’, Baptista’s spare and halting rhythms wind their way through a landscape of gliding electronic tones, gently rising up and momentarily subsiding until the piece’s final minutes leave Ambarchi’s guitar unaccompanied. While the rich, swirling harmonics of Ambarchi’s guitar performance are familiar to listeners from his previous recordings, the subtly wavering, synthetic guitar tone we hear is quite new, coming across at times like an abstracted, splayed-out take on the 80s guitar-synth work of Pat Metheny or Bill Frisell. Equally new is the harmonic complexity of Ambarchi’s playing, which leaves behind the minimalist simplicity of much of his previous work for a constantly-shifting play between lush consonance and uneasy dissonance.
      Beginning with a beautiful passage of unaccompanied percussion dominated by the berimbau, the side-long title piece carries on the first side’s exploration of subtle, non-linear dynamic arcs, taking the form of a gently episodic suite, in which distinctive moments, like a lyrical passage of guitar-triggered piano, unexpectedly arise from intervals of drifting tones like dream images suddenly cohering. In the piece’s second half, the piano tones becomes increasingly more clipped and synthetic, scattering themselves into aleatoric melodies that call to mind an imaginary collaboration between Albert Marcoeur and David Behrman, grounded all the while by the pulse of Baptista’s percussion. Subtle yet complex, fleeting yet emotionally affecting, Simian Angel is an essential chapter in Ambarchi’s restlessly exploratory oeuvre.
    • By Goiter Sanchez
      New collab project between TTA's Josh Eustis and Belong's Turk Dietrich called 'Second Woman' out June 10th on the label 'Spectrum Spools':

      Preview track:

      01. 100407jd7
      02. 200601je6
      03. 300528mj1
      04. 400425cc2
      05. 500609sp3
      06. 600249li9
      07. 700358bc5
      08. 800438ul8
      09. 900438an4
    • By cear
      Editions Mego - EMEGO238
      08 September 2017
      01. Behind You Back 4:39
      02. Dish 2 Dish 4:43
      03. Lil Wannabe Gangsta 4:25
      04. Raining Horses 3:01
      05. South Padre Low Life 3:55
      06. Notified 3:21
      07. Man Bunny 1:59
      08. Blick Von Der Berg 2:39
      09. Girl Close Your Eyes 4:35
      10. The Crocodile 4:25
      ____________________________ 37:40



      Recorded in Austin, Texas
      Photography Coco Clouse
      Design Stephen O'Malley
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