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Hour-long, very decent quality, full set (minus encore) Secret Chiefs 3 performance which is basically flawless and amazing and if you should watch it


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Absolutely amazing fucking band.


Includes covers of Danse Macabre (I know!), Carpenter's Halloween theme, re-arrangements of classical indian music (etc!), pieces from SC3's soundtrack to an imaginary giallo film (which are pretty significantly re-arranged here if you're familiar with that particular SC3 album), lots of originals, and new stuff even die-hard fans like me haven't heard, and unfortunately some blown out bass during some moments which would be assrippingly brutal were it not for the blown-out bass, but again, this is pretty well recorded, despite the static camera angle you see some fine performances.


I spam this band a lot, mostly without anyone noticing, but it's only because I fucking love them. I know there are a couple other fans here. More people should love them, imo.





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I've seen them twice and both times they were the best thing I've ever seen live. And this performance might be even better.


The lineup here appears to be


Trey Spruance: Guitar, Electric Saz

Timba Harris: Violin, Guitar

Matt Lebrofsky: Keys and some other stuff?

Toby Driver: mostly bass and also keys on Danse Macabre

Kenny Grohowski: drums


Although I'm not totally sure, with the limited camera angle.


From checking the web of mimicry site, this looks like the Nov 5, 2012 concert in CZ. Brand-fucking-new.

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Guest Wall Bird

Before I sit down to watch this, I'd just like to say:


Thank you.


These guys are one of the best making music today and are on a totally different level from anyone else.


As for that blown-out bass, I can attest to the ridiculous amounts they're doling out during the show. It is tied with Amon Tobin for the most bass in my face that I have ever experienced during a show. I was right in front of the subs and every time the key player let that sampler rip it was like a box-fan blowing in my face. I would have been sweating much more than I did if it wasn't for the gusts blowing over me.

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Guest Wall Bird

Here's a pretty good version of them doing 'Saptarshi' which is one of my current favorites.



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