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you and us and mine and yours

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The piano sounds really metallic in this recording, I don't know if that's the nature of the actual piano or just owes to the way it was recorded, but it works with the tune really well. Also, and I don't know if this is just my aphex-infested mind at work, but it does seem to have a drukqs-piano influence in there. Like the way the high notes are initially introduced, the tone of the ending and some of the phrases.

If you recorded this in a more formal way my only suggestion would be to make the ending a little warmer. Can't think of anything else, enjoyed that.

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I think it might be cool if one (or maybe both?) of the piano tracks was a little more minimal. Seems like they are competing slightly and I think it would work a little better if one kind of complimented the other... sounds slightly busy or something towards the middle and end of the song.

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