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A song and animation I've made.

Guest ebbandflourish

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I'm not entirely sure what to make of the video. I mean, it was kinda distracting. But once I just started listening to the music it was alright! Mostly I like the few minutes in the middle, especially around the 3 minute mark, the drums were pretty sweet. Those snare runs worked really well.

Perhaps the bass could have been a little richer? It just seemed like it would have given the track more flavour, if the bass had a little more kick, perhaps a little overdriven or even phased about.

Also I kinda like the length of it, not so much because I think it needs to be that long, just because I like to see people trying to make longer tracks with more development in them.

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Guest ebbandflourish

Thanks for the feedback! I can understand how the video may have been distracting seeing as I made it months after I had already completed the song. I suppose it's mostly for the sake of live shows as well to add an extra layer of sensory experience. Good advice on the bass too! I will play around with it probably and see what I can do =).

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