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Guest kyriakos

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Guest kyriakos

was this played by a real orchestra or something? sounds too good to be one of those orchestra vst-things.

thanks : ) i played it. used different kinds reverb and adjusted some stuff to the strings so that it wouldn't sound too 'fake'. glad you like it


I enjoyed it. I enjoy many of your short ambient bits, kyriakos. :)

thanks Salvatorin ! : )

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Guest Hermann

There are some lovely things here. Not sure about the Rihanna sample, voices like that kind of get on my nerves, but hey-ho!


I especially enjoyed Snowing, you´ve really captured a great atmosphere there in that one.


Keep up the good work!

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Guest kyriakos

thanks a lot


alright 2 more than ill leave everyone alone


Walk Alone







this one has beats so be warned




also here's my new album




hope you like!

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is this allowed that i can post songs in one thread continuously without making a new one?


really nice :) capturing that kind of muffled ambiance you get with a carpet of snow (not that the track sounds generally muffled, production is ace)

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Guest Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald

I'm a huge sucker for ambient interpretations of pop music, I could seriously listen to these forever! Was there any conscious decision to keep these tracks under 2 minutes? Seems like there's a much longer album's amount of ideas here.


Also is there a higher quality source for your album? I downloaded it and really enjoy it, but they're all 128kbps mp3s :(

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