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now everyone wants to be known and want everyone to see their face and know their name... it's sad. 15 minutes of fame gone wrong!


I much prefer the old school approach of the faceless and sometimes even nameless techno act.

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thanks for the pic, xy_politics, it's better than nothing, i think....?

sirch, yes i agree with you. maybe that era was better,,, but still,, im not so sure..

what i know is, though, the littler you know about your fav artists daily lives/privacy, the more freely you can think/assume about + maybe thus, relate yourself to them.

when i was a teenager i was a big fan of Testament but i never cared what their vocalist or bass guitarists looked like... hell, i didnt even know their names properly! but i was cool with it, cause this way i could "own" them better in my head, hehe :P

but with the Black Dog, it would still be good if someone came up with even/at least 1 picture of the 3 of them together. cause i find it really weird this way, that there s not even 1 picture, showing the back-then legendary (or maybe even now, somewhere in the universe,,, aliens??) trio...

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It's not the dude in the billions of pictures on last.fm? I don't know man, I have no idea how they look. I guess it's some sort of conspiracy.


I think its the dust bros in most of them, Kens usually got his hood up or he's in the background. Here's one where hes not


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It's great there's no pictures... all we have is the music.... that's enough for me.


new black dog has loads of pictures.. who gives a dog poo?

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