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Merry Christmas, WATMM!

Friendly Foil

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It's one of those fake gas ones, pretty small... sorry you don't have a fireplace, wasn't trying to make people jealous? Hope you have a good holiday regardless gaarg.

A shitty evening, mine, but starting tomorrow a great hollidays week full of laughter, friends, drugs and fire and food and such


That's the spirit :)

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Merry Christmas folks. Have lost of family fun. Meanwhile I woke up to an alert saying tornado warning for my county.


Who wants a tornado for Christmas and what Santa is crazy enough to deliver.

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anyone get any cool gifts?



my sis got me a series of incredible 1960s ads of steel, chrome, chairs, lamps whatnot from architectural magazines. the typefaces! the drawings! the architecture! *cums*

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My Dad built two Kalimbas for me and they sound amazing! I'm already making a new track with 'em!





wow awesome!


i rcvd a ton of gift cars from friends and an amazing breakfast....pretty solid xmas if i may say so.

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Merry Christmas from me and my 97 year old gran ;)




Are you actually Sean Connery or are you just using his avatar?


Part of me doubts you're actually him.

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