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All recordings patched and programmed by Finlay Shakespeare.


  • -1x Livewire Audio Frequency Generator VCO
  • -1x Doepfer A-110 VCO
  • -1x MFB OSC-01 triple DCO
  • -1x Doepfer A-143-4 quad VC(L)FO
  • -1x Doepfer A-145 LFO
  • -1x Blue Lantern Skew LFO
  • -1x Korg MS20 LFO
  • -1x Doepfer A-143-2 quad ADSR envelope generator
  • -1x Doepfer A-140 ADSR envelope generator
  • -1x Doepfer A-196 phase locked loop
  • -1x Doepfer A-121 multimode VCF
  • -2x Future Sound Systems FIL2 Spectral Devastator VCF
  • -2x CGS30 band-pass filter
  • -2x Future Sound Systems FIL1 Convulsion Generator
  • -1x Doepfer A-170 slew limiter
  • -1x Doepfer A-114 ring modulator
  • -1x Doepfer A-132-4 quad VCA
  • -1x Doepfer A-138b mixer
  • -1x Doepfer A-148 dual sample and hold
  • -1x Doepfer A-190-2 MIDI to CV interface
  • -1x Expert Sleepers ES-3 ADAT to 3.5mm jack interface
  • -1x The Harvestman Tyme Sefari audio buffer
  • -1x The Harvestman Sound of Thunder expansion module
  • -2x Future Sound Systems DC1 Decade Counter
  • -1x 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier
  • -1x Fonitronik Sequential Switch
  • -1x Doepfer A-175 dual inverter
  • -1x Future Sound Systems SW1 switch array
  • -2x Thonk AT-AT-AT triple attenuator


  • -Roland TR-808
  • -Roland TR-909


  • -VacoLoco GorF MIDI sequencer
  • -MacBook running Ableton Live 8 w/ Max For Live


  • -Teac A-3440 1/4" multitrack tape recorder
  • -Edirol UA-20 USB audio/MIDI interface
  • -Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 firewire audio/MIDI interface
  • -MacBook running Ableton Live 8


  • -Beyerdynamic DT-770 headphones
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Guest vletrmx

I really like the varied moods and sounds. I can't put my finger on it, but a lot of places have that reverby little subtle granulation feel. Not sure if I'm getting this across any well, but it's definitely nice. Also, for a wholly analogue deal, production is spot on IMO. Some first impression standouts for me are skipton, skiptreturn, synchronacid, fnkreturn, and especially 506. Sorry I don't have the time to take a thorough listen yet, and I have to say that I feel a little silly reviewing someone with wayyy more experience, but take comfort that some random pleb thinks its good.

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Thanks man! I think the reverb/granular thing is the Tyme Sefari module which works as an echo unit. Really good to know it sounds good, thank you! Had loads of fun making it. And expect more jams like 506 to come soon...

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I was initially nervous about this as I think a lot of modern modular only stuff can be an exercise in "look at the cool toys I've got". But this is really smart. Good stuff. I especially enjoyed the wee electro drum work out towards the end of Shaker.

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