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Actress - Silver cloud

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  • 3 weeks later...

just got this from bleep and have to say that it's well satisfying given that I didn't have any expectations coming off R.I.P (which I thought was fantastic). A nice bunch of slow burners to chill & blaze to :trashbear:


Voodoo Posse is defiantly the centerpiece and lovely, even though part of me wishes he put a fat underwater bassline on it - there's enough space on the low end to drive a truck though.


And on the 2nd track Is that sample Arhnold saying "call me Mr. Freeze" from whatever that shitty Batman sequel?

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Actress is one of the few new musics to excite me for ages, so much so that i am working through his releases as slowly as possible, like you do with a really good drama series you don't want to end.

i haven't even listened to RIP yet, been very hard to resist.


but i will probably shit all over this system the day ghettoville comes out.

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Guest bitroast

just listened to this EP last night and thought it was amazing. until i realised i was listening on the wrong speed.


seriously though, as if it's meant to be played at 33 and not 45


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