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it was as regular thing here, esp in the season;a few guys with vans filled with stacks and stacks of speaker-bins, (lots of horn-loudspeakers), driving around squatting office buildings or setting up the shitshow in tunnels, fields, police disruption, network23 mailing lists, also mud, dogs, horrible body-coordination in the name of dancing, tall cans of warm lager, interesting you should post this on a sunday morning..,


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In case you didn't know, "Hardcore" was, at one time, what eventually became Jungle...



Now it's considered it's own thing. I love all hardcore. The early stuff can be a bit cheesy, but it's got a lot of nostalgia.


HARDCORE hardcore is more of what you think it is. I love all that stuff too.

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it was hardcore techno which got me into weird electronic music really, not listened to it as much the past few years but have gotten back into it quite a bit in the last year or so.


Fave ever Hardcore techno producer is Sunjammer, so much emotion and feeling in his music which most be people dont expect in this type of music. Hopefully he is making a bit of a come back this year as well




Also always a fan of the The Dj producer, this mix was up on his soundlcloud to download last year but only seems to be for stream now but listening to this mix lots last year got me listening to a bit more what was going on now a days with the hardcore techno stuff.




Seems quite a bit of hardcore techno, hard D&B cross bread about at the mo as well which is pretty cool



If you enjoy stuff like that i very much recomend this mix -



i've also been enjoying Ophidian new pay what you want relase the last few weeks.





Bloody Fist 4 lyfe


good call! :)



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