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Scald Rougish - Bytreqw

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"BYTREQW" - A new CD by Scald Rougish on ICASEA.

Available to buy on friday 15th Febuary direct from the ICASEA bandcamp page and also via Norman Records.

It will be available from other stores in a week or so, and Disk Union are already stocking it in Japan.

This CD is limited to 150 copies worldwide.

Computer Art by Satoshi Aizawa.
Typography and Design by Takashi Aoki.
Promotional Video by Alexander Peverett.

release date 15/2/2013





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out now!

here's part of the norman records review : the rest you can read here



The conventions of rhythm and melody that are the foundations of "music" are obliterated into a new language. I can't help but feel I'm listening to a one man musical revolution - the orthodox is disregarded much in the same way that the wild free expression and abandon found in the works of radical 20th Century Jazz improvisors like John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, and Anthony Braxton redefined the possibilities and reality of what "music" could be. The tools are different but to me the outcome is the same. To hear this happening in true future music is very exciting.

Yet more evidence that Chris Douglas is single handedly pioneering a new musical language. Absolutely mind-blowing stuff. It doesn't get fresher than this - highest possible recommendation.

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really enjoying this on first listen. there are so many little details though; it'll take a while to process it all. reminds me of his steam room live set in places.


it's remarkable how evocative his music is, despite being so unconventional

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it's remarkable how evocative his music is, despite being so unconventional


This.. love how its quite experimental but where as a lot of people making music like this can sound academic and souless his music has so much emotion to it.


Only had 1 proper listen so far but sounding gorgeous, msksnp in particular is a proper beauty!

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