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Autechre Tracks with Vocal Samples

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I don't believe there's already a thread like this. Well, I hope not at least. I've already done a preliminary forum scan.

To my knowledge, at least one track on every release Autechre have produced contains vocal samples in one form or another. Care to name a few?

My only request is that when you mention the track title, also mention the title of the LP, EP, or single it's from.

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Guest SiddharthaWolf

Milk DX - Peel Session

Inhake 2 - Peel Session

Goz Quarter - Envane EP

Under BOAC - LP5

Zeiss Contarex - EP7

Outpt - EP7

Ccec - EP7

Pro Radii - Untilted

The Plc - Quaristice

The PlclCpc - QuaristiceQuadrange

deco Loc - Exai


for starters


Also Basscadet and Autriche (Incunabula).

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There are dozens of tracks that have vocals in them. It's a really great touch too. Seems to attach the totally alien and the impossible to something very directly human, even if it's obscured to the point that it's hardly recognizable.


There are several tracks on Amber/Garbage that have snippets. I haven't heard any on Tri Rep, Cichlisuite, or Move of Ten. There are some whispering-sounding effects in Stud and in that sorta counter-bass rhythm in Dael, but I think everything on Tri Rep is synthesized.

And I don't recall any from Chiastic Slide but I'll listen for it next time I decide to put it on.


Listening to VL AL 5 and there are some stutters every now and then, really ghostly.

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Dial - Gantz Graf

Cap.IV - Gantz Graf


I wanted to make a list, but it'll take a while, so I'll do that later.

There are some on Oversteps, Move of Ten, Quaristice, Peel Session 2 and others, so...

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And I don't recall any from Chiastic Slide but I'll listen for it next time I decide to put it on.


Well, there's that cat purring in Pule...

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hmm... does Calbruc has a man shouting "AAAH." in every bar,

Like "dum dum AAAH (syyyynth) dum dum AAAH (syyyynth)" or it only seems to me?

Yes, it seems a man's voice. It sounds like two punches and a scream tu tump aaah! but maybe that scream is a synth...


btw I find that voices in autechre's tracks often add an alien and grotesque touch, not a human/familiar feel (and i like that). The most scariest use of voice is the EP7 tracks, the first time that i noticed the voice at the end of Zeiss Conterex it scared the shit out of me!

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I'd mention Lentic Catachresis from Confield, but it's hard to tell if there are actual vocal samples in it. It sounds heavily granulized if that's the case.

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Haha Pro Radii is the only one i have ever noticed this on before

I will listen to the others to see if i can hear!


Cool :)

It's kind of like an Easter Egg hunt. I'm certain that every release from Cavity Job to Exai has at least one track with "vocals".


Also, IV VV IV VV VIII from Draft 7.30 has a very brief vocal snippet at the end.

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