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Make a Comp Using One Track From Each Album

hello spiral

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Some of these are hastily chosen as I have more than one song I am absolutely nuts for from their albus

1. Bronchus 2
2. Montreal
3. C/Pach
4. Nuane
5. Under BOAC
6. Sim Gishel
7. Surripere
8. Pro Radii
9. The Plc
10. os veix3
11. Flep (RIP Salvatorin, I don't think I'll ever shake the mental association of you and Flep the dolphin)
12. si00
13. 7FM ic

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Here’s what I came up with for me:

Kalpol Introl, Further, C/Pach, Cichli, Corc, Pen Expers, V-Proc, Ipacial Section, Altibzz, Treale, recks on, c16 deep tread, violvoic, M4 Lema, lux 106 mod

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