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Make a Comp Using One Track From Each Album

hello spiral

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Pen Expers


Augmatic Disport

Paralel Suns


Cep PuiqMX


Foldfree Casual


M4 Lema



Not really sure if this would work as an actual playlist lol (probably with some juggling)... Just tried to pick a desert island track from each, tho it's pretty much impossible with NTS. I included EP7, Move of Ten and PLUS because to me they are albums.

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Procrastinating dealing with something important so I had time to do this :cisfor:. This order works pretty well, at least in terms of transitions from one track's ending to the next track's beginning (I haven't sat and listened thru the full 2hr+17m to see if it balances out in terms of listening fatigue etc yet) but I think this is pretty decent:

1. 444

2. Piezo

3. Clipper

4. Splesh

5. Pen Expers

6. Augmatic Disport

7. Surripere

8. Cep puiqMX

9. Pir

10. Corc

11. M4 Lema

12. Foldfree Casual

13. Cloudline

14. Cichli

15. Qplay

16. Ecol4

17. Paralel Suns


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