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Ultrademon - Seapunk

eh Speedy

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Guest cult fiction



Synths: Albert Redwine

Drums: Ellen O'Maley[/size]

where did you find that little nugget?



Just trollin'... it is cool that this secret Rephlex imprint business has been successful enough to spawn some second records though!
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Guest Retrig

Just ordered another copy of the Step Into Liquid EP / Single. I had jokingly told my friends I'd be wearing out the 2nd track on side A (which winds up being the Ultrademon track Yr Own Personal Demon, and not a Monolith remix. Nice mislabel!). Well, it's skipping now in one spot.

Really stoked for this release, even if it's so I can give my 12" copies a break.

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^^ Grant said it isn't, just that he 'supports' the label.


I like Ultrademons stuff, a little too much skittery juke/808/footwork stuff for me, but I do like his melodies.


He looks like IDM's answer to skrillex.

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I've trying to wrap my head around her frustration and, arguably, her pretentiousness. It's as if Zombelle and Ultrademon can't comprehend that they've influenced others and that once you put artwork, music, literature (and in this case a meme and subculture concept) you can't take it back from your fans or the public. There's nothing wrong with clarifying your art's intent or criticizing those who misinterpret your work, but in they're not really doing that here in these interview snippets.


Complicating the fact is that their entire aesthetic, even as something as broad as nautical themes, is reliant on very specific set of colors, cultural references, and sounds from the 1990s. It's not even a novel and deep narrative like Drexciya, and I think it's worth noting that Drexciya was far more reliant on the music itself - the listener would sink into their world slowly. The core of the narrative was original and the music was as isolated and free of influence (they made that claim often). This is like the reverse - the aesthetics are blatant and loud and them music itself seems secondary and almost entirely dependent on existing media to sample and appropriate - thankfully the music is a lot of fun and enjoyable (thx again "think about it" break!)

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