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What did/does it mean to you? Still one of my favourite albums of all time.


Ed (in particular) and Andy were on fire. From what I can work out, 8 out of the 11 main tracks were theirs: Plaid, Close Up Over, Atypic and Balil.

3/4 Heart still astonishes me.


Ken's 3 tracks weren't so bad either. Carceres Ex Novum is my other major highlight.


Who was/were Echo Mike? I'm kind of thinking this was Ed and Andy again.

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Wow, 20 years old and still the best! bit weird wishing happy birthday to an inanimate object so i'll thank ed, andy and ken for the 20 years of pure musical joy this album has given me.

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Numero Uno for me! Whole album from start to finish is a masterpiece. Going to have to put this back on in the car to celebrate. I remember catching a random interview with Photek and some [crack] whore and he mentioned that this would be his desert island album. INDEED!


I still stand by the notion of less is more when it comes to what they have produced over the years. So much oozes from this album (and other tracks of that time period) with relatively minimal equipment compared to today's software.


Merck and 3/4 Heart will go down as my favorite tracks of all time, I don't think they will ever be topped. Also, Phil (7) fucking slays me. Unbelieveable emotions from that little piece (Jauqq too).

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I couldn't think of fonts worse than comic sans. Now I do.


Edit: that comment has nothing to do with the bytes artwork! Th artwork is there to keep some ontopic content



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I love this album, the music, the artwork, it all evokes positive emotions for me.


When i had a telescope i went to an isolated hills and i put on this album, the combination of the music and observing the orion nebula was overwhelming, my eyes started to tear up. This album will always hold a special place in my heart.


Thank you Ed, Ken and Andy.

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I love it! I still dont know which tracks are by which combination of Black Doggers though lol


doesnt really matter i guess. most of them are great

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