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Diamond Age - Broken World lp


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Check out this release, very good stuff. I think a lot of you would enjoy.


He used to play in a band called Mandarin in the early 2000's, kind of legendary here in Texas and hopefully elsewhere in the world.


This release is soon to be the stuff of legend as well. His live show is the tits.








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      Happy 4 years since this epic event when the Aphex Twin came out of a small hiatus to wow us with such an extraordinary performance including his first live twiddling in years, a secret  event-only vinyl release,  tracks from Jlin , qebrus, sd laika,  acid rain, supreme visuals from weirdcore and the getting together of a lot of former, current and new watmmers via the dischord channel.
      I flew over from Ireland to throw myself at the US reave scene before Trump took hold and it was spectacular... met really amazing people but have drifted away from contacts over the years. Still it was such a special time and am forever grateful how it all unfolded. Im going to watch the whole live show later and revel .
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      The artist and gentlemen known to his family as Brian Grainger and to fans as Milieu, Coppice Halifax, Bike, etc has generously put together a compilation in support of people very close to me that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.  I am actually a counselor at a school over in the Meyerland neighborhood in Houston that was hit particularly hard.
      Trying to do every little bit I can do to help....and Brian helped me to deliver the braindance.  
      Quality is high (as usual) on this one.  If you want to throw a few bucks toward helping the families at my school, we'd appreciate it!
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