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20 Jahre Kompakt - Kollektion 1


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Dont remember a thread about this, released yesterday


CD 1
01. Heiko Voss - I Think About You
02. Matias Aguayo - Minimal (DJ Koze Mix)
03. Dorau/Köhncke - Durch Die Nacht (Geiger Mix)
04. Matias Aguayo - Walter Neff
05. Justus Köhncke - 2 After 909
06. Voigt & Voigt - Vision 03
07. Leandro Fresco - Cera Uno
08. Michael Mayer - Lovefood
09. Pluxus - Transient
10. The Field - Over The Ice
11. Wighnomy Bros. - Wurz + Blosse
12. Mayer/Voigt - Transparenza
13. Dettinger - Totentanz

CD 2
01. Jonas Bering - Melanie
02. Kaito - Everlasting
03. Superpitcher - Happiness (Lawrence Mix)
04. Gus Gus - Within You
05. Scsi 9 - Morskaya
06. Thomas Fehlmann - Making It Whistle
07. DJ Koze - Mariposa
08. Gui Boratto - Arquipélago
09. John Tejada -Unstable Condition
10. Rex The Dog - Prototype
11. Partial Arts - Trauermusik
12. The Rice Twins - For Penny And Alexis


Giving a listen now

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Decent compilation. It does a good job of highlighting the many different genres of music that are covered by Kompakt and also avoids using only huge Kompakt anthems. Definitely worth picking up.

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Guest Hanratty

every time a new Kompakt release comes out, I quickly scan the samples, and then lose all interest. Last thing I likes was Nah und Fern.


edit: i am curious if the artist Pluxus on cd1, song 9, is the same Pluxus I knew from like 10 years ago who made cool electro/idm at the time.

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