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I have an album of stuff like this on the burner. Just banged this out last night. Jeez that sounds douchey, sorry guise. The vocals are with a laptop mic but I just bought a fancy new awesome microphone so I will be re-doing it. I mostly want to share with my watmm brethren that the long awaited long-player from me is in the worx. The vibe is gonna be mental. shit.

Please, some constructive criticism on this lil tidbit would be hmuch happreciated. Making bass heavy music is tricky business! I realized that most of this track only makes sense if you can properly hear the sub bass. Wikkid, innit?

thanks for listening,

Garon Blodgett






Pet'ctlyptem Xon Yihaaq'ti WchwaaXaan


Gunter Glutt



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I'm actually loving the voice...maybe a shitty mic works for you? lol. I like the tension of the repeated notes, though I feel like they are too exact, I like a little sloppy. The bass, wikkid indeed. I'd like to see where this goes.

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Guest Frankie5fingers

no offense but this doesnt really sound like anything yet, more like a bunch of ideas thrown together. but i do like the sounds you used. especially those vocals. if it were me i would take the vocals, put a shit load of verb on em and then turn them into an ominous pad.

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  • 5 months later...

can i hear this plees? is it gone forever? plees, i want to hear this again

in about a month or two I'm going to finally unload this beast I've been working on for a good year and a half, that track included.

I'm very encouraged by your interest! :emb:

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can i hear this plees? is it gone forever? plees, i want to hear this again


in about a month or two I'm going to finally unload this beast I've been working on for a good year and a half, that track included.

I'm very encouraged by your interest! :emb:



well.. by no means do i want to rush u.. whenever it's ready friend. i can be patient. all good things take time / come to those who wait, and so on.. and so forth..

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      I have been recording my weekly mixes I do for my college radio station.
      Tonight I had fun playing short tracks back to back.
      Played some music made by wattmers...
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      I am not mastering master. And I'm having lots of trouble getting drum tracks to not clip, bu still have bite, yaknow?
      Some of the levels on this recording went way off,,,,
      Anyhow this is more or less going to be a taste for my first album.
      lots of crunhy fm symths
      I know I don't contribute anything to YLC but I know thre are a few of you our there who like hearing my trax.
    • By Salvatorin
      I had a lot of trouble getting this to work! Because of the thumping bass drum noise was clipping way over the limit, but then the chords would drown it out. What I ended up doing was creating three different mixdowns, one with a focus on the crispy "drum" sounds, the other more on the chords, and the third on the bass frequencies. Then sort of upping the ideal parts of each I got this. But I felt ever in danger of clipping! I used a compressor mostly as a limiter but I really don't understand compressors. Every time I use them they pump up all the wrong things.
      What do you think? All my music these days sounds super quiet on most speakers because i don't really use compressors. But I like there to be dramatic dynamic variation with the track.
    • By Salvatorin
      I thought it would be interesting to make a video of me as I tweak certain things in a loop of one my tracks.
      It may seem boring but the changes are subtle and gradual and my somniferous face is something. Try watching it at .5 speed.

    • By Salvatorin
      Note to Self (a lullaby)


      i hope you enjoy. This will be the opening track on a ep I'm working on.

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