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Guest waveformblue

Hey orange...


I'm really not into beats, but I like this !


You got some old-school 8-bit sounds to match your old-school handle. The melodic loops are cool. The vocal samples fit in nicely.


I give you points for not compressing the snot out of this. You get bonus points for the clean drums. Really...this is mixed very well.

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Thanks all!


I dont hear the trap



Neither did I (that's a good thing).

Heh, I thought the 80 bpm tempo at the start with occasional 'hey hey hey' reference was part of trap signature? Maybe it works better with 808 beats and ridiculous bass :)

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Nice work, although I don't care much for the beginning. Perhaps some heavy reverb on the pads would give it more character. But from the middle of the song forwards is awesome. Really awesome, I must say.

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Thank you's all around. I like the simplicity of the beginning for sake of contrast with the rest of the track, increasing complexity or something :) , cheers.

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