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Byte FM mix incl. Autechre & Planet µ releases

Bertolt Brechtakt

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Birthdays are to get... and give. I give you an electronic session behind the wheels of steel with 60 minutes of weird rhythms and mad melodies - hand-picked and mixed by Bertolt Brechtakt.


Check the mighty Phonometrics show on http://byte.fm/ this Sunday, March 31, at 11 pm (CET).

The 60 minutes mix includes tracks by Autechre, Gescom, Ital Tek, Steinvord, Squarepusher, µ-Ziq, Ital Tek, Rone, Kangding Ray, Diamond Version, Pangaea, Rone, Emanuele Di Raymondi, Two Fingers, Konx-Om-Pax, Philip Glass & Ryoji Ikeda.



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For those who missed the show on March 31st. It's up on Mixcloud now.





Ryoji Ikeda - Radiorange

Rone - Fugu Kiss

Diamond Version - Empowering Change (Version)

Kangding Ray - North

Emanuele De Raymondi - BV_04

Two Fingers - Little Brat

Pangaea - Game

Autechre - T ess xi

Gescom - Go Sumo

Ital Tek - Nebula Dance

µ-Ziq - Green Lanes

Steinvord - Cyg X-1

Squarepusher - Venus No. 17 (Acid Mix)

µ-Ziq - Ease Up V.I.P.

Konx-Om-Pax - At Home With Mum And Dad

Autechre - YJY UX

Philip Glass - The Opening (Cornelius Remix)

Signal - Datasette

Edited by Bertolt Brechtakt
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