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Dark Techno


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Guest Ron Manager

wow, i haven't heard of anything that guy has uploaded but some of those tracks are fucking awesome. love that I/Y one. also this:


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also one of my mixes.



Lustmord - Nuuk
SCB - 01. 20-4
Shed - With Bag and Baggage
Horizontal Ground - Ghosts on Acid
Billy Zane - Runner (Echologist Remix)
Redshape - Plonk (Dub Mix)
Lucy - Dub Man Walking
Peter Van Hoesen - Casual Care (Samuli Keppli Remix)
Jerome Syndenham - Rump
Seph - Mun
Planetary Assault Systems - GT (P.A.S Drone mix)
Donato Dozzy - Limone
SP - X - Side Field Constructor
Truncate - Transients (Mike Gervais Remix)
Zadig - Ood
Head High - Its a Love Thing(Island Mix)
2562 - Solitary Sheepbell

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I heavily associate Dark Techno with Mord which has tons and tons of banging releases. I did like this:



Also, you guys must know Grounded. I really love the idea and execution of this project. Many gems and mixes which are downloadable on WAV. If you're new to this, better get your shovel and star digging because there are so much stuff. Shit, don't know what to show as an example so let's try this:



Then some smaller labels like Obscuur records and T/W\B


Soz if too obvious. I'm kinda noob with the genre.

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