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VA - Deep Sea Creatures

Fred McGriff

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Previously available as CD only (out of print), this legendary album is now uploaded for your streaming pleasure. This was the original compilation resulting from the "What is the Most IDM Thing" tournament. Due to the amazing poise and tenacity of Deep Sea Creatures, a cinderella team who were runners up in the 2007 tournament, it was decided that a tribute album be made in their honor. Before you is the resulting tribute, including a previously unreleased bonus track entitled "Deep Sea Cowbell." Please enjoy.









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Man! this is awesome! I have been looking for that unreleased song everywhere since i heard it on a youtube video ages ago! cheers!



edit: everything single song in here is great! cheers!

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I remember trying to match the skin tone of the blob fish with Michael Jordan when i did that one. and my ex boss walked in and was like "WTF?"

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That soundcloud playlist does not appear to be active anymore. Any way this comp could be uploaded to bandcamp? Someone has requested a download of my track, and while I could just upload it to dropbox, I figured it would be cool to give him the option of acquiring the entire comp.


*realizes once again that McGriff has been banned... fuck*


I'm still going to go ahead and post this in case someone has some secret info about an online place this is hosted that i don't know about.

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