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Kanye West has become the Kevin Bacon of music

Rubin Farr

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Shit this guy is such a slut in terms of trying to supplant his career by collaborating with everyone on earth. But then, he's mixed up with the fucking Kardashians, so how smart is that?


I can connect Richard James to Kim in 3 people lol


Rich>Chris Cunningham>Kanye West>Kim

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But Kanye used a Richy track for one of his songs, right? You can take Cunningham out of your formula. Rich and Kim are virtual neighbours.

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Guest zaphod

points to anyone who can connect Jandek or Wesley Willis to kanye in 5 steps


I can connect Jandek to Thurston Moore in 2 so I think it's doable?


jandek has performed with john mcentire, john mcentire produced a blur song, damon albarn worked with andre 3000, who worked with kanye west

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Hmmm Kanye West....


I don't think he'd be too bad if he wasn't with her. The two of them combined, just no good. I could definitely stomach him more I think. I actually do believe I had his first 2 albums on a soulseek rip (If my memory serves me correctly there was an album with two versions of Diamonds from Sierra Leonne, and one version was good and one version was even better)


I've only ever consumed in my life time about 12 minutes of the Kardashians, and that was when I bashed one out when I came home late one night drunk and coked up to the eyeballs (could of been 1 hour and 12 minutes, you know how it is with the the old chang, whatever it was I definitely had no problem 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'). But it wasn't over Kim it was over her sister Kourtney.


Yeah I got The Gush lol. 

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      Supposedly releasing tomorrow (July 24th)
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      I'm really sorry if I offend anyone posting this because it's not teh idm, but I thought "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" was a fantastic album.

      Kanye debuted two new tracks on Saturday Night Live, which will be on the next album, titled Yeezus. Here are the two performances. I think Black Skinheads is pretty good, while New Slaves is so-so.


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