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Kanye West has become the Kevin Bacon of music

Rubin Farr

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On 8/24/2020 at 11:20 PM, prdctvsm said:


too delicious to be ye.. i think he'd be more like.. some kind of weird jello marshmallow fruit bowl... with like a side of doritos. 

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MADISON, Wis. —  Wisconsin election officials decided Thursday to keep rapper Kanye West off the battleground state’s presidential ballot in November because his campaign turned his nomination papers in minutes (14 seconds) after the deadline.



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On 4/14/2013 at 6:27 PM, Cryptowen said:

points to anyone who can connect Jandek or Wesley Willis to kanye in 5 steps


I can connect Jandek to Thurston Moore in 2 so I think it's doable?

Wesley Willis > Jello Biafra > Bill Rieflin > King Crimson > Kanye West

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    • By thumbass
      Supposedly releasing tomorrow (July 24th)
      This is the last tracklist he posted on Twitter.

    • By KovalainenFanBoy
      1. I Thought About Killing You 4:34
      2. Yikes 3:08
      3. All Mine 2:25
      4. Wouldn't Leave 3:25
      5. No Mistakes 2:03
      6. Ghost Town 4:31
      7. Violent Crimes 3:35
      cant be arsed with links on mobile but yeah, out now everywhere, just google it
    • Guest abracadabra
      By Guest abracadabra
      I'm really sorry if I offend anyone posting this because it's not teh idm, but I thought "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" was a fantastic album.

      Kanye debuted two new tracks on Saturday Night Live, which will be on the next album, titled Yeezus. Here are the two performances. I think Black Skinheads is pretty good, while New Slaves is so-so.


      Also, Kim Kardashian, posted this on instagram which could be the artwork for Yeezus:

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