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Post one strip comics (and link good webcomics)


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horse_ebooks, wolf pupy, skeleton jelly?


these are all just tweets then put into comic form?


also that last one has a castle in the sky/miyazaki vibe to it


these are always fun to reread









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:facepalm: this whole thread. Not one made me smile, let alone laugh. Even the PBF one is not one of his best.

I thought the one triachus posted was good but yeah a lot of the others seem to fall a little far much under the LOL RANDOMZ!1 category
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I wish I could find those Korean comics, they had wonderful logic to them.


Here are some I saved, of variable quality. I really like some of the stoner comics, so warning if you don't find that stuff funny, you're probably better off ignoring my posts, logging out, disconnecting your internet and moving to another country.


Spoilered for the sake of neatness, all content is SFW. fanx





























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