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Guest bigloob

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yeah. if warp had spent as much time making sure bleep is up to the task as they did on these videos and number hiding shenanigans maybe i would actually be able to order this album.

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Bleep can't handle this. And pretty lame they won't be offering FLACs for the vinyl orders.

that's lame.





no pun intended

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help guys, my boner just exploded


the logo on the tshirt is the same as the new clear dawn logo


You won't need one now that there's new BOC cumming for ya!

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pretty sure there will be FLACs / WAVs available.


I ordered Byetone - SyMeta on vinyl recently, which only stated that MP3 download was included, however Bleep gives me all formats, including 24bit

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Such a cool way to announce new music.

i think it would of been much cooler (and hilarious) if they just released it with no promotion, that would be a nice surprise on the warp site "new album released today'.

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Guest Warabou



some poor lad in america just posted he's off to class!!! Hahah fuuuuuck that!!! Can you imagine having to sit through lessons while this shit is going down?


I got my beer, i'm sat in my big fucking chair and I got a fridge full of wholesome food.


Bring it on!!!!

That's me as well, I've got a fucking midterm (significant exam) in an hour, got to leave in 30. fuck me. Ironically it's a computer science class



good luck american lad


thanks mate. I just checked my gmail to send myself the bleep link so I could try pre-ordering in class, and I noticed I got an email from my professor saying class is cancelled today. I'm still in shock

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It might still suck you know.


Also, how did we figure out that code? Did someone brute-force it?


I just stumbled upon it using the developer console in chrome

the value in the field Nuevas-Semillas is encoded in base64. so when you convert it back to normal text it gives you the url to the mp3 file



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Guest RandySicko

I've been getting a cold/wintery vibe throughout this whole thing, but happy its out for the summer. Not to mention the new clear dawn, all seeing eye and bohemian grove stuff since their last release .....maybe some type of anti globalist message this time around?

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Guest jasondonervan

Bleep you fuckers. Sort your shit out. NOW!


I had to hammer the fuck out of the checkout, took about 10 attempts before I received that sweet, sweet preorder email...

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