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There was a TP vibe on parts of the TCH EP - especially Under The Coke Sign.

Synth chords always made me think of Canadians hiking up through to Alaska in late summer. Clean air and blue skies.

Not freezing but cold enough to be wearing a light parka jacket.

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Guest theSun

this is a really good album.


i suspect that it was written 6 years ago. it seems to capture that early/mid 00s idm template. maybe they made it recently and are just nostalgic for the music they pioneered in the first place, but i just think they sat on this for a few years til they needed a payday.


still, this is a really good album.

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early/mid 00s idm template.


what other albums/artists are you thinking fit this template?

this doesn't fit any template as far as i can hear.

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Guest theSun

speaking very generally, but old boc, arovane, apparat, plaid, proem


dynamic and layered progressions, single beats throughout, ambient fillers, meandering synth pads with longer phrasing to tie the whole thing together.

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Guest uphorm

tomorrows harvest





loads of the song titles talk about agriculture failing, and bad stuff. and all the songs are bleak and melancholy


and one of them said it was a political album about an inevitable future stage or something, but they dont want to spell it out


its about the coming environmental catastrophe


for me there's also a lot of NWO / Big Pharma / Conspiracy / Depopulation kinda feel to it, something dark, evil and unavoidable behind the scenes,

'Collapse' could be a reference to WTC collapse and begining of NWO, beginig of the end...

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Guest uphorm

Sorry, tried to edit the post above but I can't! :-((


'Nothing is Real' - I read about the Project Blue Beam (attempting to implement a new age religion with the antichrist at its head and start a new world order via a technologically-simulated second coming, including holographic images projected at the sky) - it was my first thought when I heard this track...

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I'm kinda late to the TH party, but my copy finally arrived in the mail the other day, and I listened to it in its entirety about two or three times now.

After BoC's seven-year hiatus, it sounds like their direction has changed to more of an ambient, desolate approach. Reach for the Dead keeps reminding me of Surripere on Ae's Draft 7.30 - might be the synth pad and chords. Can't think of a more detailed analysis ATM. They have changed their rhythms up a bit from previous works tho.

Alright, back to lurking.

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i really need to drink more coolaid on this one. I want to rant about how much it sucks but I'm nearly alone, lol.


You need to let it grow on you/transcribe the vocal samples/think of the dreams this album gave you, etc.



Nah. Just let it all out. I got your back. lol

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This album is so good I can't really find words to describe how nice and relevant it is.




I've particularly fallen in love with the second half. It's incredible how much there is to pick up on during repeat listens, and even how the exact vibe/emotions of the songs aren't apparent during the first few listens. They really came through with this on IMO.

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I have yet to fully get into T.H., I'm surprised to see almost exclusively positive reviews, to be honest. I think the albums lacks something, but I'm not sure what it is yet. My opinion might change over time, though.

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Listening to TH again because it's a cool, cloudy day again and it seems a good fit. Cold Earth is very much a throwback to previous BoC, more so than the rest of the tracks I think.

My playlist preference is very much dependent on weather lately.

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I think the albums lacks something, but I'm not sure what it is yet.


It lacks you.



As in, I should listen to it more often until I 'get there', or as in it needs me to fix it?

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if it lacks anything,its immediacy?,but i wouldn,t have it any other way,i love the obvious single mindedness? of the vision and follow through to create a true proper full length listening experience that does there back catalogue justice, instead of taking the easy route after such a long period of silence,releasing tracks that they know would appease the fan base.

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