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Guest Araungzeb

So, I don't remember how long ago this was but there was some false lead that the new BOC album would be titled "New Clear Dawn." Now we have...



I hope that I'm not just pointing out the brutally obvious, but the first thing I noticed was how the cover to Tomorrow's Harvest looks exactly like the millisecond after a hydrogen bomb is detonated in a city due to where it looks like the source of the light is. It also looks like a normal dawn at first glance, but doesn't quite once you notice where the light is coming from. Perhaps its supposed to be interpreted either way: a new, clear dawn or a nuclear dawn?


I know this sounds silly and fanboyish, but it's just the first thing I noticed and I was curious to see what others thought.

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Or, "New Clear Dawn" could be just one of BoC's clever double meanings:


New, Clear Dawn = A new dawn for mankind, the beginning of a new era

Nuclear Dawn = The bright flash resulting from the explosion of a hydrogen bomb, not unlike staring into the sun.


I'm sure that picture (or video capture) is left up to interpretation by the viewer, unless a clear theme emerges from the album and it's tracks.


It's so far rumoured the image is of San Francisco.

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New Clear Dawn would have been a better title. More punchy, with good multiple meanings.


Tomorrow's Harvest is...a'ight.


I guess I like the cover, though it's depressing.


And yeah, I come from the Bay Area and that's clearly San Francisco as (probably) seen from the Alameda Shipyards (where the Matrix sequels were partially shot, incidentally). Or it could just be two images superimposed on top of one another, one of SF, one of a desert location.

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New Clear Dawn is a clever title, but almost like, too clever. Like people would point to it & go "ahah i see what you did there borgalorgs of cambala, veh sneaks" & not take the album quite as seriously

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I think this is a clue. The hunt isn't over yet guys


I've analyzed this webpage and concluded that there are exactly 41 nulls.


If you add 4+1, you get 5. If you add 5 + 4 + 1 you get 9.


If you take 9 and multiply it by 5, 4, and 1, separately you get 45, 36, 9. If you add the obligatory 1 to the end you get 45, 36, 9, 1, which is obviously another 6 digit number clue, 453691.


I think we should try to find more of these asap.

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New Clear Dawn is a clever title, but almost like, too clever. Like people would point to it & go "ahah i see what you did there borgalorgs of cambala, veh sneaks" & not take the album quite as seriously

Agree. Tomorrow's Harvest has the bleak ring of having nothing left when coupled with the themes in the track titles.
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