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Low cost Kontakt 5 libraries

Guest SampleScience

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Guest SampleScience

I don't know if it's the right place to post this kind of topics, if it isn't just let me know (politely). I've released two Kontakt 5 libraries since last week. The first one being "Vortex SoundWaves":






Vortex SoundWaves is a collection of 20 Kontakt 5 instruments of abstract, atmospheric sound textures and tones. The sources that were used to create these instruments are genuine analog synthesizers, software synthesizers as well as treated acoustic instruments and physically modeled instruments.


The second one has been released with Junebug, founder of Electronisounds.com. It's called Selected Tones:






Selected Tones is a collection of 51 Kontakt 5 instruments created using sounds from the Electronisounds sample vault. SampleScience chose his favorite multi-samples and enhanced them with Kontakt's built-in effects and sound shapers. Almost all of these multi-samples were taken from real, hardware analog synths. The result is 51 Kontakt instruments covering various types of tones including: genuine analog basses, resonant pianos, spacey synthetic atmospheres, cut through leads, textured pads, vibrant ethnic instruments, rich organs, deep electric pianos and more! This is a collection of sounds suited for the discerning electronic music composer. In a nutshell, these sounds are made to be played. Furthermore, they are lightweight Kontakt 5 instruments and use a minimal amount of RAM, which means you don't need a very powerful computer to load them. It also makes these instruments easy to layer and mix together without having to mix down and reload your sequences all the time!


I'm giving away 5 free Kontakt 5 instruments, you can download them here:








If you decide to try them, let me know what you think! :)


Kind regards,



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