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i like the trippy jungle vibe. one idea i could offer is to move the bass drum part earlier by about 20 samples, if the sample rate is 44.1. it sounds like it's slightly lagging.

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this is beautiful...it channels a lot of Chrono Cross or RPG soundtrack vibes for me...but I mean that in the best way possible

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      found this guy while on bandcamp, pretty spot on beats and synths, he's stopped trying to incorporate death metal, which is good. recommend his Ritual LP too.

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      I know they was mentioned by the man himself in the Structures and Rhythms thread, but I really think this release needs to get some pub.  One of the (many) great travesties I noticed when scanning through my Bandcamp collection is that only four other people have purchased this!
      All of the Archived Tracks releases are special, and this is no exception.  File next to: Black Secret Technology, ICBYD, or Ae's Anti ep. 
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      It's good
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      I've been listening to this release a lot this week and it is insanely good. Trying to work out the details on the vinyl release. 


      Blurb from Fact: http://www.factmag.com/2016/08/22/convextion-2845-album-released/
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