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what is µ-Ziq's strength

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Hahahah wow i can still vaguely recall this 14 yrs later.  

I know. I am now happily married to the black dude and we have 2 wonderful erections

he's out-standing in his field        

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He invented his own letter called "fancy u". Pronounced "mu". For those times when you're just too tired to hunt around for that m key.


yes, pressing numlock then alt+0181 is so much easier than mu .... ;-]

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What in God's name is this all about?



lol I don't know but parts of it activate the vestigial Mu-Ziq apparatus buried deep within. I'm laughing while also getting a few chills. I bet it's because he's recently in love. I wrote silly stuff when I met girls I liked----TANX RIXXXY FER NU MEW-ZICK!

yeah most of this stuff i quite like

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and furthermore he can unpop chicken nuggets into corn kernals.


he puts boogers in your nose without you knowing it. that's where boogers come from.


he uses the other 94% of your brain.


in his free time he invents new states of matter.


toilets say thank you to him after he's done using them.

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his dog can butt-scoot across water


he can tie a knot in a cherry stem with his armpit


he once invented a new primary color but never showed it to anyone except for once but it was dark so they didn't see it.

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