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what is µ-Ziq's strength

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Hahahah wow i can still vaguely recall this 14 yrs later.  

I know. I am now happily married to the black dude and we have 2 wonderful erections

he's out-standing in his field        

i heard he has a portrait in his attic that gets glitchier every time he signs a juke artist.

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Mike's primary sense is his keen sense of smell. He can detect one drop of blood in a million drops of water (25 gallons or 100 liters)

and can smell blood 0.25 mile (0.4 km) away. His paired nostrils are on the underside of his snout. Water continually flows through the nostrils, giving him olfactory information. Unlike sharks, his nostrils have nothing to do with breathing,

they are not even connected to the mouth.



edit: Mike as fuck!

Edited by Plum
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anyway i heard one time he quantized a beat until it cried and gave up. that beat is now his housekeeper and does all his chores.

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Mike is a keen pigeon fancier. His Muffed Helmet "Big Jim" is his pride and joy.

Not really a strength per se, more of a Mike related factoid.

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