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First time audio sample & first time sliced sound

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Aliens controlled me and they created this ;) first time audio sample

I wasn't sure if I should upload this other thing, never cared about the stuff I created myself but I don't want to be a source for wannabe-remix stuff...

anyways I charge no money and it was the first time I did something like this so I hope it's ok! I rly hope it is enjoyable.
whatever you do with this song I bet it turns out very nice.

Detroit Revisited, Rise from the Ashes



I wouldn't change it to much atm but I didn't use many knobs so I planned to spend some more time with it.

thx for listening, leave comments

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thanks alot, !!!!!
the secound one sounds nice but it is kinda lame you'll see if you listen to the original one too ;)


check this soundscape plz,


the original sound comes from the v,synth but it sucked then I messed around with audacity just to notice it is a rly great and also powerful tool!"

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I'm working with the v-synth now, looking forward to explore more of its features


2 sounds I did today


improvisation // secret love affair





v-synth beat


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