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Guest BocBoc

Another great release from Parralax Sounds (Christ., Syntaks and many more).


It sounds like a mix of Boards of canada, Bibio and Chapterhouse. Their debut album

Phoenix asteroid is also good, but I think this album is much stronger!


Found some nice samples from the album on their soundscloud.


1. https://soundcloud.com/ecovillage/ecovillage-blissfully-yours


2. https://soundcloud.com/ecovillage/ecovillage-telepathy


3. https://soundcloud.com/ecovillage/ecovillage-summer-of-love





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    • By BOCfan
      Great news for fans of Jonas Munk, a.k.a. Manual. On the November 6th, he will be releasing a mini-LP, Awash.
      It will be released on CD, LP, and digitally, with the LP's being limited to 300 pressings. You can listen to a track from the LP, Glide, below:
    • By ventolin68
      Searching For Bill is the debut film by Danish director Jonas Poher Rasmussen.
      From the overgrown and tattered streets of Detroit through to the off-the-grid desert settlement of Slab City in the Colorado Desert, the film's journey through the underbelly of America allows a fascinating glimpse into the lives of America's have-nots.

      With his experience in ambient music (as Manual) as well as being a seasoned producer of psychedelic rock and folk-rock (Causa Sui, Sun River and others) Danish producer Jonas Munk was an obvious choice for the composing the soundtrack, and he sets the perfect backdrop for this journey through America by blending analog synthesizer drones with twangy guitars and his signature atmosphere. These 13 tracks can best be described as "Ambient Americana". Heavily inspired by the American rural ambient music from the last two decades (think Labradford, Windy & Carl, Landing and Auburn Lull) as well as motoric krautrock and more traditional folk-rock sounds, this album feels like a journey through cities and shifting landscapes.
      Available for pre-order or immediate download here.
    • By Rubin Farr
    • By BOCfan
      Cruising Ulrich's last.fm page I came across the news that there are two new Ulrich Schnauss albums on the horizon (alongside his forthcoming solo effort), one of which should be coming out this year.
      He's completed a collaborative album with Jonas Munk, better to known to many as Manual, which is a dream collaboration. The album was due for a release date this spring past but for some reason has not been released commercially. A spokesperson on the site I'll link to below says that the album will 'will be released exclusively to our affiliate agents worldwide in May for use at their discretion'. Information, and three streaming tracks from the album can be found at the following link: Ulrich Schnauss vs Jonas Munk
      1. Chasing rainbows
      2. Coming up for air
      3. Johnny (sentimental fool)
      4. Costa
      5. Weightless memories
      6. Sirocco
      7. Sonnenblumenstrahl
      8. Made of sky
      9. In Odense you can walk anywhere
      10. Leaves of grass
      11. In Odense you can walk anywhere (part 2)
      also: http://forum.watmm.com/topic/58137-ulrich-schnauss-kirsty-hawkshaw-two-trees/
    • By ventolin68
      I haven't really been that fond of Jonas Munk's stuff after he abondoned the "Manual" moniker.
      But his new ambient album "Minimum Resistance" definitely sounds like a return to form.
      [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2022769185 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
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