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post 10 random tracks from your music library

Guest Adam

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Guest Adam

open your music player of choice, play all your music on shuffle and post the first 10 tracks that play. ill start


Prefuse 73 - The only boogie down

Clark - Mother McKnight

Steve Reich - WTC/911 I

Amon Tobin - Golfer Vrs Boxer

Tipper - Carousel

Lorn - Signals

Physical & Xzist - Giant

Adam Beker - something whatever

Culprate - Crash

Two Steps From Hell - To glory

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Plaid - eyen

Lil B - flexin maybach remix

Hot Chip - Careful

Port-Royal - anya: sehnsucht

Bedhead - Burned out

Long lost - Woebegone (flying lotus remix)

Rustie - after light

Animal Collective - we tigers

Birdy Nam Nam - we drummin

The cinematic orchestra - all that you give

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bardo pond - syn dept

squarepusher - shin triad

autechre - 6ie.cr

plaid - thank

beaches - weather

my bloody valentine - sugar

torturing nurse - exclusive

john fahey - we three kings of orient are

the verve - weeping willow

bardo pond - fallen

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Guest Rulohead32

Autechre - no border

Radiohead - Sail To The Moon (Brush the cobwebs out of the sky.)

The Knife - Full of Fire

La Oreja de Van Gogh - 20 de Enero

Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

Foo Fighters - Still

Squarepusher - 40.96a

The Knife - Heartbeats

Radiohead - Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box

Rihanna - We Ride

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Drexciya - Triangular Hydrogen Strain

Donovan - I Love My Shirt

The Focus Group - Planning for Urban Green

Country Teasers - Anytime, Cowboy

Killah Priest - Information

John Fahey - On the Sunny Side of the Ocean

Thee Oh Sees - Grave Blockers

Mort Garson - You Don't Have to Walk a Begonia

? and the Mysterians - Smokes

Kool Keith - I'm Destructive

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Guest disparaissant

parenthetical girls - love connection

shed - final experiment

andrew jackson jihad - a song dedicated to the memory of stormy the rabbit

the cure - the walk

the mountain goats - going to spain


gowns - sugar

the pretenders - my city was gone

hella - hello great architect of the universe

afx - pwsteal.ldpinch.d

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What's the point?



Stereo Total - Liebe Zu Dritt

µ-Ziq - Something Else

Chateau Flight - Monorama

Delarosa & Asora - OSS.BW

Alden Tyrell - Disco Lunar Module

Microworld - Signals

Organisation - Vor Dem Blauen Bock

Fuck Buttons - Colours Move

Autechre - Under BOAC

Ciccone Youth - Addicted To Love


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Bibio - Segee and the Indian

Monolake - Abundance

Demdike Stare - Library of Solomon Book 1

godspeed you! black emperor - motherfucker = redeemer

Kanye West - I'll Fly Away

The Knife - Like A Pen (Heartthrob Dub)

Lapalux - Magnetic Flux

Ghostface Killah - Clips

Lil B - Merry Xmas Lil B

Ghostface Killah - Toney Sigel AKA The Barrel Brothers


Lost a lot of my music, so it's fairly limited for now.

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Simon & Garfunkel - A most peculiar man

Deadboy - Brock Lee riddim

Chrome Canyon - Elemental themes

Slugabed - Skyfire

Dam Mantle - Dublin

Petter - Some polyphony

Blawan - Peaches (Freestone)

The Pixies - Something against you

ERP - Lament subrosa


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Haha, it came out pretty WATMMy


The Prodigy - Your Love (Remix)

Autechre - Yuop

Flying Lotus - Sleepy Dinosaur (Ras G Remix)

North Manc Beds - Rhydim or Ridme

Power-Pill - Pac-Man

Together - Hardcore Uproar

Hallucinogen - Horrorgram

VHS Head - Trademark Ribbons of Gold

Lee Perry & The Mad Professor - Man Man Dubwise

Oval - Happyend

Edited by mokz
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Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 6

Deepah Ones - Dancin'

Little Computer People - Eyes

Firefox & 4tree - Warning (London Sumting Mix)

Samuel L Session - Tribe cut

DJ Hell - Copa

Cassius - Foxxy Lady

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - intro

Le knight Club - Boogie shell

Le Knight Club - Hysteria II

Edited by Indicator
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Electronic Music Composer: Submit Code

My Bloody Valentine: Sueisfine

.SND: Locked Groove 6 (from System Medley)

CMYK: Tarzan Boy

The Moon: Ariel Loop

Deadwood: Outro

Evol: Proper Headshrinker 5

SND: 12 (Tender Love)

Wu Quan: Weather Forest

BFC: Please Stand By


Not a great overview as It's a new Ipod and still has 121GB free.


Annoyed that I didn't get any ae come up.

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alex gordon - orpheus rising


hauschka - early in the park


the foundry - reflective

curd duca - country


david sylvain - the wooden cross


the future sound of london - camel

tim hecker - hatred of music l

dj spooky - striated interlude #1

antimatter - garage queen

photodementia - d's groove

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The Koreatown Oddity - Exit The Dragon's Mouth Side B

Catz n Dogz - To Be Cool

Asymmetrical Head - A.Y.C.E.N. (Prof.Logik Remix)

Viktorstone - Inhalation

Daedelus - Platforming

Public Enemy - Security of the First World

Ally - Lingo Musiq//Shmoke Break

Devine - Love Reaction

Citizen Green - Magnolia Leaf

Astronote - Magic Episode

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higher intelligence agency - skank

utay jazz - bunny boiler

liszt - some bach organ transcription

karol rathaus - sinfonie nr. 1 (op 5)

sleep research facility - 79s 83w


merzbow - frozen guitars and sunloop/7e 802

pete namlook & richie hawtin - from within 3/silent intelligence/part 2

chopin - concerto no. 2 (idil biret)

nobukazu takemura ft mc twigy - eat&buy&eat

wagon christ - rennie codgers

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1 - Madonna - Mer Girl

2 - Bogdan Raczynski - There Are Many Things I Don't Understand But I Knew That I Loved You (But It's Too Late, You've Taken Me For Granted)

3 - Marianne Faithfull - The Ballad of Lucy Jordon

4 - Tom Waits - What's He Building?

5 - Merzbow - Autopussy Go No Go

6 - Seefeel - Filter Dub

7 - Belong - Remove The Inside

8 - Ambulance - The Tams

9 - Tears for Fears - Mothers Talk

10 - Emmylou Harris - Waltz Across Texas

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stereolab-you used to call me sadness

the easybeats-i can't stand it

the beach boys-i know there's an answer

the rolling stones-shine a light

the avalanches-pablo's cruise

echo and the bunnymen-going up

the cure-three


tobacco-street trash

talk talk-life's what you make it

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DJ Shadow - Six Days (Soulwax Mix)


Slipknot - Get This [ugh]


The Prodigy - Everybody in the place


John Zorn - A Taste of Voodoo


Pavement - Box Elder


The Velvet Underground - All Tomorrow's Parties


Primus - Is It Luck [it's been forever since I last listened to Primus, I'm can't wait to buy the 5.1 mix of this album]


Melvins - Pearl Bomb [i got REALLY confused when I first heard this song, as I borrowed the CD from a friend and thought it was skipping]


Black Flag - Police Story


Mogwai - Secret Pink

Edited by ThatSpanishGuy
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Blue Oyster Cult - Fire of Unknown Origin

Tim Hecker - 200 Years Ago

Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 16 in A minor

Christ - Marsh of Epidemics (remixed by Alias)

Boards of Canada - Geogaddi (reversed) - In the Annexe

Kryzstof Penderecki - Capriccio (1967)

Pink Floyd - Sheep

Gorillaz - El Manana

SND - Makesnd Cassette #15

Sigur Ros - VaruO

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1. Aluminium Flakes - Cygnus

2. Shallow Mallow - Acid Druid

3. Lemon In Square - Monolith

4. Synovox Femibot - Mattias Ostling

5. Elevated Dreams - ADMX-71

6. Pandamonium - Legowelt

7. The Color Out Of Space - EOD

8. Project 19 - Sint

9. Seasonal Zing - Fah

10. NRG Overload (90s Rave Revival Mix) - Dooj

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Guest hastner

scorn - light trap (scorn mix)

Aphex Twin - Who Do You Think You Are

higher intelligence agency - elapse

ae - chatter



My Bloody Valentine-Sometimes

DJ Krush - Ryu Tou

ministry - lava

Shackleton - Music for the Quiet Hour Part 4

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