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Loden - The Star-Eyed Condition

August 20, 2013




01: An Evening with Open Mike Eagle
02: From the Road We Saw Orange Number Three
03: About Busdriver With Colors
04: Sanesserarian
05: Ceschi Is Seeing Straight
06: Joëlle's Rêve
07: Seneca Guns
08: Future Confetti With Doseone
09: Optimist Never Cries
10: Zachtjes
11: A Letter to a Future Kid from Sole


It’s set to feature collaborations with acts that he’s recorded with in the past, including Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, Doseone, and Ceschi.


Listen to/download "Ceschi Is Seeing Straight"



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I really like Loden's Buggy and Burning Man Stage Hand and have been looking forward to new material. But I gotta say I'm a bit worried about the guest vocals here. Busdriver is ok in small doses, I don't care for Doseone, Sole is ok, and I haven't heard of the others. The first single with Ceschi is too focused on the vocals for my tastes. I think he's a really fantastic producer and it's a shame to have so many guest vocalists here. He did a full album with Busdriver recently but as much as I wanted to hear the music I just didn't feel like listening to Busdriver so I haven't heard it. There's an instrumental version, I'm just not sure if it'll feel like an instrumental version of a hip-hop album or if it'll stand up on its own. Anyhow, hope this will be good.

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