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So I moved to St. Paul, which is in a reasonable driving distance from Detroit, and I know Detroit was (or still is) a large electronic music culture hub. Is there anything anyone can recommend seeing or visiting there, like studios with tours or music museums or something? Or did I move two time zones away from Experience Music Project for nothing?

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I knew Twin Cities has it's fair share of Fine Arts (I actually live next door to the Theatre director for the UofM), I was hoping for something along the lines of a museum for music, like with a chronology of the Detroit Techno movement or something.

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Guest M360

Not any musical museums of any significance that I'm aware of.


People really like Prince around here though :emotawesomepm9:

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Welcome to the cities dude, you'll love it here! There's not so much a music museum (that I know of..) but you kinda just gotta go explore some venues that have history and take in the atmosphere... St. Paul has more overall culture I think, but Minneapolis is where a lot more of the events happen. Get out there and explore!


First Ave/ 7th Street Entry is where most of the bigger acts that come here go

The Triple Rock has some good acts, more known for the metal/hardcore stuff though.

The Kitty Kat Club by the U gets a good mix of all kinds of stuff.

The Loft above Barfly gets a lot more electronic stuff but it tends to have a dubstep lean... at least last I looked into it which admittedly was a while ago


Aside from that theres TONS of little venues tucked in all over.

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I liked the Art Park (not quite as intense as the Art Walk in Port Angeles, but still pretty cool), and found out that beer culture here is Serious Business, not that I mind, and Beer Fest was fun. Carol Burnett was in Minneapolis the week that I got here, and loads of concerts happen, so I may have to start putting my ear to the ground for someone I want to see live. *fingers crossed for awsum IDM concert anywhere*

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The Cedar Cultural Center had Kid Koala a while ago, but I missed it. I saw the Fiery Furnaces there last year, and it was a really intimate concert. Got to talk to the band and all that afterward.


Nice venue, find an excuse to go there if you can.


Unrelated, I went to a random shop on Cedar Avenue this weekend and bought a can of these peanut crackers called "Nutty Nuts". If you're into junk food, go buy some, because they're so fucking good. They go great with beer.

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Wow, a lot of venues within walking distance...


And yes, PR, you may blame me for stopping the snow that was apparently falling only a week before I got here. :sleep:

oh yes, thanks, i do appreciate that. :biggrin:

I really am excited about such a big city, though, despite the weather making liars out of everyone by not snowing and being over 90 the second day I was here...


My curiousity is piqued with The Loft and the Cultural Center, though. Deffs have to check them out, but not tonight, since tonight Stanley's has $3 domestic brews.



Edit: I meant William's, not Stanley's. I get my guy-named bars confused... :wacko:

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