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a few new plz listen

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check this out...
I'm not sure if it's legit to take the audio of whole songs... lol



Made the next one within 20 minutes, idc about it, I'm trying to get used to Audio Samples. :)

and 2 kinda classical/typical works of mine

https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/11347-sl1-kylee-rides-a-taurus ;)

https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/random this has no real ending again :(


listen listen comment!

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hey guys help me out!!!!!!!!!!
I wanna get more into using audio files but I ALWAYS end up using WHOLE tracks or really big parts of it, can't stop myself doing this shit, then I'm done in under 30 minutes and it's just not working out I think.

this is M.I.A , Kato, NicoMonnet

the first track in this thread is from = CEEPHAX CRO MAGOX (BEAT) + the other thing is untouched = Illuha - Shizuku - Saika

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I didn't really report it you know... Should have done though, what the fuck is this shit and why has he replied to his own topic three times demanding attention? Looks like another 12 year old idiot has decided to grace watmm with their presence to me.

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I see what you mean, but to be fair, this part of the forum is pretty much dead. Squee tried to save the whole thing by setting up some rules, but people are clearly not reading it. Or maybe they're too stupid to understand what it says.


Both YLC forums needs a restructure of some kind, or we might as well shut them down. Half the site looks down upon the music in here anyway, so whatever.

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hey wigga chill bro,
I posted several times because I cannot edit?!? you digg that?
give me 50 bucks and I will donate for a premium account.

Didn't even bump the thread because it was on top anyways so I made quick posts.
You prolly bumped my thread so thank you. ;) actually your "reported" posting
was a hidden "bump" and I'm just your hidden extra account.

2 more
mystical dominican summer





I'm checking this part of the forum regulary (atleast once a month) maybe not as much as I post, but posting takes like 5 minutes? and checking the forum atleast 1 hour or more...


BIG THANKS! To all the listeners... close to 40 plays already thizzz is nutz RECORDZZZ thanksss!!

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report me but I need to post again ;) I did all of those yesterday while playing around with audios,





I don't want to use others stuff but create my own... that's what I have said but it is too late now :/

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