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µ-Ziq - Spring Selection


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cheers. hah, that first track hits the spot. Will lisn to rest when i get a chance. Who would have thought, there was a point to adding artists to your facebook stream. must resist.

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Man, this sounds sweet! I miss the old paradinas sound tough...


A lot of his new stuff branded u-ziq sounds like it should be branded heterotic.... like the prog housey stuff.


Not saying I don't like it but I think he's mixing up his brands =).


So thankful for his music, he has been really putting out a lot this year!

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Sounds like µ-ziq to me.



Since when does U-ziq make progressive housey sounding tracks other than his heterotic project?



Exactly haha.


oh come on, this is classic ziqqy vibelz brah, it's just dat new age PC zound to which ya'll are struggling to adjust lels :mu-ziq::music:

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These are really good tracks, I love his modern stuff, they have been more consistent than his older tracks IMO, although they lack the overtly playful nature of the old stuff, definitely more mature. The guy deserves to be more popular than he is.

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