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Feast / Beast


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What could this be? Google translation of intro:

Momentum of Clark does not stop. The announcement at the same time (14 tracks added recording! Bonus track) Special Reissue Edition historical name Van released full album of three years shook "Iradelphic" in April last year, the ultra-volume-up of "Clarence Park", immediately after I play a visit to Japan in SonarSound Tokyo 2012. When you announce EP work in September and further, that the production is inspired largely live set the latest "Fantasm Planes", and accompanied by state-of-the-art Raparakkusu <Brainfeeder> of the following month, Japan again.
And in 2013, Clark appeared to TAICOCLUB'13 is determined, was to delight fans, announced the release of the new "Feast / Beast" suddenly TAICOCLUB held just before!

Has become clear at this time, only release date and artwork. More information will be announced at a later date!

I don't see no release date. Oh wait yeah, August 24! New Clark!!! :w00t: Could be a reissue of sorts, can't really make out what they're trying to say in the beginning of that description. Maybe unreleased stuff? 2 CD though. Despite my general disappointment with Iradelphic, I'm as excited as can be for his next release.


That also looks more like a promo shot than anything he would use for an album cover. However, I would not complain if that was the album cover.

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I don't get it.. is this like a compilation of all his remixes or what?


yup, 24 remixes done by clark, 2 remixes by bibio and 1 by nathan fake on Clark tracks, and than 2 reworks of older tracks.

most of them previously released on EPs and such

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Fuhhhhk that new intro is dope. The 2nd half is pretty faithful to the original, but is definitely way more amped up / abrasive. I remember Clark speaking about creating a version of Totems Flare that was too soft, and a version that was too loud and heavy... It seems like this is from the more abrasive version of the mix.

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