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A night of music and visuals insired by Boards of Canada.

DJ FOOD (Ninja Tune)
POSTHUMAN (Balkan / Horn Wax / Seed)



To celebrate the release of the new Boards of Canada album 'Tomorrow's Harvest'

DJ Food, Posthuman, Tom Central & special guests host a night of music and visuals inspired by Boards of Canada. DJ & VJ sets of BoC rarities, new edits, remixes and classics, plus music & visuals related to the duo...

Upstairs at Catch, Kingsland Road, London

Thurs 20th June. Free entry all night. 8pm-2am.


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The last one seems to finish an hour earlier - I'm guessing that's a typo

Would love to go but tis on a school night so mmmmmm, maybe... perhaps I can book the Friday off work

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These are either covert boc gigs, or it's just really sad there's a market for boc-inspired gigs even though they should be perfectly able to do gigs themselves.


I hope these gigs will be fun though. This is just some covert attempt to kick boc in their nutsacks.

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These are either covert boc gigs, or it's just really sad there's a market for boc-inspired gigs even though they should be perfectly able to do gigs themselves.


I hope these gigs will be fun though. This is just some covert attempt to kick boc in their nutsacks.

it's not a covert BoC gig


this has come about just from me and kev (DJ Food) talking about how much fun a night of BoC and BoC-inspired music

(ghost box / com truise / tycho / mileu / one-on-twoism / bola)

plus old 60's/70's synth led soundtracks, bits of movies like beyond the black rainbow, killings at outpost zeta, old FBoC documentaries, etc....


then we just said "fuck it, lets do it ourselves" and spoke to a local venue with a nice soundsystem that had an unbooked evening, and contacted a couple friends who did the AV/DJ thing, worked out some projectors and screens we could borrow, and made some flyers.


started looking through the BoC catalogue at edits / remixes we can do as one-off's on the night. some fan made-videos that can be VJ'd in. things like that...


there's not much more to it than that. seems lots of people are really into coming along though! response has been unexpectedly positive - loads of emails and messages from people massively enthusiastic to come along... i think the warp crew might have missed a trick by not doing this themselves :-)


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Yeah, man. Awesome!


(was just trying to kick boc in their nutsacks for the lack of gigs)

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I remember seeing a flyer on watmm a year or so ago for a similar Aphex themed night (was in Belgium perhaps).

Good luck with this, who knows, maybe they might turn up???

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Great night - massive thanks to everyone who came along.


Really good vibes, busy from start to finish, all the DJ/VJs played excellent sets - hopefully we'll have some more video & audio sets to upload soon.

Here's the Posthuman DJ set from 11:30-12:30 last night, all tracks by BoC - dancefloor focused set!


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