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FOR SALE: MBV, Eraserhead, Exai, Draft 7.30 and more...

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Guest Aces

Hello, I am really in a pickle money wise so I have to sell some vinyl.


I am selling:


Autechre - Exai (Warplp234)


I have only skipped through these to see how it sounded. I have the digital so I can let this go without feeling too bad. I still have the original stickers and download code card in case that matters to you. I know these are still selling on bleep new and on discogs they are selling from £26 and up. I will accept under that and I won't charge extra for the postage.


My Bloody Valentine - MBV (mbv lp 01)


I don't think I've even taken this out of it's sleeve. I've not even listened to the cd. I've got the digital so it's no bother! There are couple of minor blemishes on the sleeve due to the ridiculous packaging they were mailed out in, however they are VERY minor! I know it probably isn't worth much but. these are selling on discogs from £16 and up. I would probably accept under that also.


David Lynch & Alan R. Splet - Erasherhead Soundtrack (SBR-3008, SBR-3008b)


This is from the second batch of represses they did, I snapped it up as soon as I saw it (Sometimes the annoying amount of Boomkat e-mails I get are useful!) Again, because this came with digital I don't think I've even played this one. I might have the 7" that comes with it once though. Anyway, all of the art cards and stuff that came with are still there, the 7" is also there. These are selling on discogs for £25 and up.


Autechre - Draft 7.30 (warplp 111)


This is probably the most valuable of the bunch. There is a little blemish on the sleeve on the back and a couple of the front but other than that it's really, not bad considering it's done the rounds for ten years (Give or take...) now. the vinyl and the inner sleeves are in very good condition as well, there are a couple of light scuff marks on side 2.0. They don't affect play back though. These are at £42 and up on discogs, I'd be willing to undercut that by a decent amount.




Please PM or leave a message here if you are interested in any of these.


I also have a shitload of jungle and hardcore vinyl. I will take some time to list but I will do it if you are interested, let me know.


Thanks for taking the time read all this. :emotawesomepm9:



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Guest Aces

I'd love to get that Eraserhead soundtrack, always wanted a physical copy of that.


I'll do you a good deal but shipping from here to the states is probably going to be a bitch. If you're interested though I can find out for you.

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I'd love to get that Eraserhead soundtrack, always wanted a physical copy of that.


I'll do you a good deal but shipping from here to the states is probably going to be a bitch. If you're interested though I can find out for you.


Are you in the UK?

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  • 1 month later...

Everything mentioned by name in the thread title has been sold. There is still plenty to be had however plus more stuff is being added as I have a massive pile of my fathers vinyl to sell too. Of which I have only really scratched the surface.

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