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split your infinities

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wow. this is everything I wanted in new boc. dark, sinister, calculated, bleak, paranoid, perfection.

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whenever i think of this album i either want to play it from beginning to end or listen to Split Your Infinities...



it's so murky and futuristic, and kind of lacks a hook...but that's what i like about it; it has too much depth to ever wear thin!

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Guest Shadow GriZZly

The cosmic synth in this one is stuck in my head, the same with one in Come To Dust.


One of my favorites from the album

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Guest feralkittens

I love the way the song begins and what it turns into at the end. Last the last rocket out of earth before shit goes down.


Edited to add: with handclaps!

Edited by feralkittens
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I want to think it's instructions on how to listen to the album. This is because, in thinking about the palindromic structure, you can see it as having a beginning track, and end track, and then a pivoting track in the middle. Also, I keep hearing two themes of the album pulling against each other, death and rebirth, going along with beat / beatless tracks, lighter / darker sounds ... I dunno. Anyway, with the two themes, you could possibly think of it as having two 'routes' from the first track, throug the middle track, to the last track, so that 'splitting your infinities' would mean choosing the path you want to take through the tracks in the album.


Maybe I can visualize it:

    3 5 7   10 12 14
1 2       9          16 17
    4 6 8   11 13 15

Probably nonsense, and I dunno why I'd have to put 1 and 2, and 16 and 17, in every possible way to go through the album, but otherwise the symmetry is kinda messed up.

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Wow, that is uncanny sample-spotting at work. How the hell did that person make the connection? In any case, thanks for sharing. Love the theme.

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On 5/20/2019 at 2:54 AM, viscosity said:


thinking this may have been re-created rather then sampled directly

Are you a Techmoan fan by any chance?! Heard that on his MCA video a few days ago and knew it sounded like a BOC track but couldn't place where !

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