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couple of dozens

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I just uploaded everything some stuff is REALLY LAME like just putting the speed up @ boards of canada and finish it within 15 minutes ;) (I dont want to be disrespectful to LEGENDS - like dave brubeck)

I wanted to hear opinions about it, some come in a new context, some are tweaked, some are just lame! I will edit in the credits/orignal tracks to soundcloud,
Feel free to comment anything, criticism plz, it'S alright call me tidiot!!

The ones I like best are the first 2 and the ones with "india radio"
somehow it's not close to the same using audio like I do, it's not satisfying b ecause I don't feel it is my influence that gives it the touch... doesn't satisfy me as much either... but I'll stick with it for now and learn some...


Nadja & Linda crisis of faith

this is a birthday lullaby to myself

Tokimonsta Fool

Alva Nato + Voice samples

All India Radio

All India Radio

All India Radio


MaKina GirGir

MaKina GirGir & Ceephax

Makina Girgir + French Touch Connection

??? (dubby)


Sliced Daixie


Ceephax X Shizuku (slown-abstract)

one winged bird (slowmo jazzanova jesse james)

Rudi Aphroo

Rudi Aphroo



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I barly got listeners on the newest stuff,

go listen and comment!

I stumbled into a bubblebath lol


+ 6 new uploads for AFX
I still have not a big clue, it is just some lighter editing and some effect stuff what I'm doing,
maybe you enjoy the listen anyways !!


:P bb54

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... makina gir gir was hear worthy... skipped the aphex

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thx for listening and the comment! I like the slower afx but even then it's not cool enough,

I already tought about taking them down but I will leave them on the sc page for a while since I got a pro acc for birthday o.O

the "all india" once are decent but I didn't do too much there either.

Makina Girir is okay but the originals are also really great.


I'm learning ...

btw I have made one sound with VSTs again hopefully you can enjoyy it ;D



+ and little more stuff with audio I'd like to share


another all india thing



slow beat // closer-to-forever


cuts + 808


effects +++



some others (light edits) I just made slower/faster with little rearranging


missed her by a beat (I like this somehow) fast version of A Brief Visual Pattern - ezekiel honig








the original super slow version of this on youtube has 2,5 mio hits WTF?! (benga crunked)


I haven't changed anything on this but you can't find it only on torrent, check this raw jdilla hiphop beat (dl-able)


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There are 30 odd songs here, about an hours worth of music! Just who do you think you are that anyone is even going to bother trying to listen to any of this, some of which by your own admission is "lame"? All it provoked me to do is count the songs and write this diatribe, not listen.


My best advice to you is to work on a bunch of ideas and choose the least lame ones, then work on those til you have one that is at least not lame. Then work on that some more until you think it might even have some merit. Then think about whether you might want to upload that for comment if you feel you need it.


It appears the skill you most need to acquire is to self edit, and not just vomit out every single idea that enters your head into the public domain - you're just not that interesting and even in this forum, its not our job to sift through all your crap to find something of merit.


Let this thread die, take a break to work on your music and give something of merit the chance to emerge and then upload ONE song that you're proud of which you feel you would like some feedback for and I think people will listen and give you some attention.

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thanks for the comment


I see your points but I still feel I have to defend myself a little bit. I'm not up to release something, I don't think I have alot of stuff that's worth to put together for a release so I just keep on doing new stuff over and over, I'm not very keen to file out 'my music' ! I'm not even looking forward to release, it's more or less improvisational stuff so far and also in the future.


I feel bad sometimes when I hear other poeple work on tracks for "month" and I upload stuff I have worked on for 60 minutes
but at the same time I'm doing a diffrent thing so it shouldn't bother me at all.


This time I'm working with mp3 and audio so in my opinion it is indeed a little bit lame to work ~20+ minutes over stuff and call it done.
I'm a newbe and I want to learn, I think they sound decent and that's why I uploaded those.

Suprisingly for me alot of stuff works very well with a new speed and some are even better than the originals, I just didn't think it's that simple.

In general a (very) few poeple know my very first steps with music and for them it's fun, that is another reason why I keep uploading everything that doesn't go into the trash.

I uploaded a couple of hundred of my own works before, now I spend 1 month on getting some experience with effects @ ableton but it's boring me already so I already made one real deaL sound... and I planned t rearrange it!!! ;) You see that, I'm already spending more work on my stuff... (or not because the first version is already on sc... lol)
listen here... https://soundcloud.com/just-a-random-amateur/2-34-5-6-sl1

the songs in this thread are nothing special but I think they are listenworthy atleast once
some aren't real remixes it is more like Djing?! but I tried my best to make them diffrent and listen-worthy even when it sometimes just took 25 minutes ;)

I want to learn and I think they are listenworthy. I would be more h appy about your comment if you would have listened atleast to a few things
before you say everything just sucks, I want to know what sucks in particular, sometimes I'm even more happy about dirty critism than some nice words - but
you have to be on the topic!

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It seems like you've been working really hard on improving and staying dedicated to learning, it is really great to see I hope you keep this up. To be honest, you always post so much that I get a bit overwhelmed. I did not listen to everything, I like the All India tracks and birthday lullaby song though. Everything has a bit of playfulness, which I prefer over the mounds of overproduced serioushightechlaserbeams dance music out there right now.

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