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Did a quick search but couldn't find any related topics.

In short this is an amazing album, yet another sea change for them. Pretty much a modern classical album. Absolutely beautiful. Apparently very much like Mark Hollis' solo album (which I'm still yet to listen to), does remind me of some of David Sylvian's work.

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Only given this one listen, but it seems promising. I played Hidden to death a few years ago.

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I wanted to create this thread here last Friday after playing the record about 4 times throughout the week.


Very good album, I'm happy with the shift in direction despite also enjoying their last two albums. I heard the track above a month or so before the album came out, I really like it. Some of the tracks are percussion-less and I do with there was a bit more percussion, but damn the album breathes. Some are comparing it to Talk Talk, which I never bothered to explore but apparently I need to.

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