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just read news that the Australian music festival formerly known as Parklife has been cancelled a new thing called Listen Out is taking its place, which is being officially called an "intelligent dance music" festival. the fb page says "Australia's IDM party", no less.


Promoters of the Parklife festival, Fuzzy, have cancelled the event in 2013 and will instead rebrand the huge summer lead-up festival into a new event- Listen Out.


Fuzzy, which began Parklife back in 2000, announced on their official Facebook page that the famous festival is out, to be replaced by an “intelligent dance music” event that will visit four of the five major capital cities Parklife had reached in recent years.


"It is a carefully handcrafted party, with a killer lineup of the dance music that matters and a philosophy of best, not biggest," described the organisers.




I'm cautiously optimistic but it's a bit weird labelling a festival "IDM" like this. also the promoters are being accused of stealing ideas from a similar festival called OutsideIn (see link).

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all depends on the line up doesn't it. I don't really care about plagiarizing another festival name. Although southbank isn't the best venue for a thing here, and it'll prbably have all the steriod induced pumped up tradies that would have gone to parklife, filling the place with their taint.

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Guest Ghostflinch

Here's the line-up...




Nothing that even remotely resembles IDM anywhere, especially Disclosure as the headlining act.

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meh. so they're just trying to piggyback on the cool-factor of an obscure genre (a contentious one, at that).

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