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A techno track like you've never heard one before!

Guest TheStepper

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Guest TheStepper

Hi everyone


I thought you might want to listen to my latest track, which is a mashup of trance, electro house, dubstep, but it's main influence is techno:



If you could please give some feedback, that would be very much appreciated, especially as I'm making a new deep house track at the moment.


Thanks for your time


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Needs a better mix, however


I'm put off strongly by the following...


1) 'like you've never heard'


I have heard plenty of songs like this.


2) The whole, 'It's got elements of...' is just way too cliche, as you could claim to have influence or elements of anything in most tracks.


The way you are labelling the music gives me a sense of a lack of confidence that puts me off, or makes me question the track unnecessarily. The tags here make me feel insulted, and give me the impression that you don't know or respect any of them if you truly believe you have contained their essence within this one track. Plus, the way you have spammed the random tags on soundcloud furthers that feeling, where I just don't believe... but I want to believe...



Also, I'm not keen on 'The Stepper'....



Have you put any thought to the possibility of 'Korg Twin'..?

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Aye the 'like you've never heard before' makes it sound like you've invented some revolutionary new hybrid of genre when it pretty much just sounds like a normal progressive/tech-house type track. And to echo Friendly Foil, read this - http://forum.watmm.com/topic/75391-read-before-starting-a-new-thread/

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