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Most listened podcasts - June 2013 - Ràdio Web MACBA

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Most listened podcasts - June 2013 - Ràdio Web MACBA

1- COMPOSING WITH PROCESS: PERSPECTIVES ON GENERATIVE AND SYSTEMS MUSIC #9.1 Two Discrete Generative Systems. Curated by Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore

Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore wrap up this series on generative and process music with a piece created specifically for the occasion: 'Two Discrete Generative Systems'.

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/composingwithprocess_9_mark_fell_joe_gilmore/capsula
Playlist: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20130606/Composingwithprocess9_eng.pdf

2- EN CRISIS #2. Reflexiones sobre un momento crítico. Beatriz Preciado. Escenas eliminadas (Only available in Spanish)

We dig up some unreleased fragments of an interview with the philosopher and activist Beatriz Preciado.

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/es/extra/beatriz_preciado_deleted/capsula

3- INTERRUPTIONS #12 Lost Techno-Pop Weekend in Rural Midwestern America. Curated by Terre Thaemlitz

This show takes a listen to techno-pop of the seventies and early eighties as a brief yet deliberate interruption into the realms of pop, rock, soul and R&B.

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/terre_thaemlitz_lost_techno_pop/capsula
Playlist: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20130529/12Interruptions_eng.pdf

4-PROBES #4. Curated by Chris Cutler

This fourth programme looks at another dimension of portamenti, and moves on into early twentieth century ideas of colour, timbre and the contested territory of noise.

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/probes4_chris_cutler_/capsula
Playlist: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20130619/Probes4_eng.pdf
Transcript: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20130527/04probes_transcript_eng.pdf

5- PROBES #1. Curated by Chris Cutler

PROBES #1 sets the scene and investigates early reconsiderations of pitch: probes that postulate new scales to be constructed through the ever-greater subdivision of the inherited intervals of equal temperament.

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/curatorial/probes1_chris_cutler_/capsula
Playlist: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20121023/Probes1_eng.pdf
Transcript: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20120718/01probes_transcript_eng.pdf

6-EN CRISI #2 Reflections at a critical juncture: Valentín Roma, Beatriz Preciado and Olivier Schulbaum (Only available in Spanish)

Overwhelmed by the institutionalised discourse of politics and economists, we invite artists, philosophers, researchers and poets to share their ideas about what is happening to us, to comment on the positive and negative implications of this structural crisis, and to imagine an uncertain future.

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/es/especials/encrisi2/capsula

7- COMPOSING WITH PROCESS: PERSPECTIVES ON GENERATIVE AND SYSTEMS MUSIC #8.2. Exclusives by Keith Fullerton Whitman and Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Each episode of this series is followed by a special accompaniment programme of exclusive music by some of the leading sound artists and composers working in the field. This show presents two process-led works by American composer Keith Fullerton Whitman and Swedish artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff.

Link :http://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/composingwithprocess_exclusives_whitman_hausswolff/capsula
Playlist: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20130325/Composingwithprocess8.2_eng.pdf


This mix, clocking in at over two hours, is a retrospective snapshot of the musical legacy of the Institute
of Sonology. It alternates classic pieces, recent works and unreleased gems from the Sonology

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/memorabilia_kees_tazelaar_collection/capsula
Playlist: http://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/20130313/Memorabilia_kees_tazeelar_partII_eng.pdf


A range of sound works representing different periods, traditions and approaches to generative and systems based music.

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/composingwithprocess_1_mark_fell_joe_gilmore/capsula
Transcrip: thttp://rwm.macba.cat/uploads/twitter/Composingwithprocess1_transcript_eng.pdf

10- FONS ÀUDIO #19 Eulàlia Grau (Only available in Catalan)

A mig camí entre l'artista d'avantguarda i l'activista, Eulàlia Grau està considerada una de les veus més reivindicatives d’una generació que va impulsar profunds valors de canvi durant els darrers anys del franquisme i els primers de la transició. A partir d'imatges extretes dels mitjans de comunicació l’artista denuncia les perversions i les injustícies del sistema capitalista i els seus diferents mecanismes de control, repressió i pervivència.

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/ca/especials/eulalia_grau_fons/capsula

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