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Experimental electronic artist Tim Hecker will follow up 2011's excellent Ravedeath, 1972 with a brand new LP this fall. Titled Virgins, it's out October 14 via Kranky. (Paper Bag will release the album in Canada.) That's the cover, above, and tracklist below.

According to a press release, the album was recorded live last year in studios in Reykjavik, Montreal and Seattle-- an "almost percussive" and "airy, more defined" LP that "at times points to the theological aspirations of early minimalist music."

In advance of Virgins, Kranky will also reissue Hecker's 2004 album Mirages, which will be out on vinyl for the first time.

After the tracklist, check out a full set from Hecker performed last year in Italy.


01 Prism
02 Virginal I
03 Radiance
04 Live Room
05 Live Room Out
06 Virginal II
07 Black Refraction
08 Incense at Abu Ghraib
09 Amps, Drugs, Harmonium
10 Stigmata I
11 Stigmata II
12 Stab Variation

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yay, but fuck those 3 months in advance announcements, when do kranky releases generally leak in relation to official release date ?


"almost percussive," that got me interested. Maybe a more rhythmic Hecker?

hell no (hope so at least), jetone sucked ass. probably meant as pulsating drones or something.

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I heard an unreleased track from his live set that was like some bells with distortion repeating a melody... nothing outstanding but quite good.

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I've heard about Virgins from people who already heard it, that it will be so timeless that when I will be getting older, it will stay the same age





Yes it do, yes it do.

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Ravedeath '72 .... .... ... Virgins.


72 Virgins. Tim Hecker is a terrist.

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I think I'm gonna go see Tim and Oneohtrix together in November if i can get tickets, should be sweet!

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